Alex pettyfer and dianna agron dating

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Alex Pettyfer: The book was a manuscript when we started filming so yeah. I remember coming down the stairs and fluffing on all my lines. CG: Would you want the superpowers that you had in the movie or trade it in for another? So I flew to Pittsburg and shot for a day and then flew back and then started up the tour. The first day on set was the scene where I'm in the principal's office and Alex and I spot each other for the first time. The continuation of that scene down through the hallway was a few weeks later. You just need to figure out ahead of time where your character is going so you're not making the wrong choices.I've read it; the book got published one week before we finished filming. I had an English accent when I needed to have an American. CG: You and Dianna didn't know each other previously. AP: I think actually the first scene was when I meet her when she's in the classroom. I think that's when John kind of falls in love for the first time. CG: You didn't have any super powers in the film, but what would you want if you could have one?Pic tells the story of nine aliens who escape their planet and hide out on Earth.Disguised as a human teenager, the title character (Pettyfer) discovers that he is being hunted by the enemy that destroyed his planet.couple split after Dianna, 24, found pictures of Alex, 20, making out with two lingerie-wearing models.The photos were part of a photo shoot for celeb photographer Tyler Shields and they were reportedly taken months before Dianna and Alex started dating but Dianna is reportedly still mad.I had already expressed concern about his control over her when that story broke – click here for details. This account appeared to be supported by the women in the pictures, one of whom is Lydia Hearst (who is dating Jeff Goldblum) and she pretty much told TMZ that Agron should just “get over it”.Needless to say, not happy about being pictured as the simpering girlfriend who won’t let her boyfriend talk to other girls, Agron is now working her version of the truth through Us Weekly.

Apparently he lost his sh-t when she left him and is now behaving like a “psycho loose cannon” and threatened her over the phone. Pettyfer also supposedly got into a scrap with Sebastian Stan (the actor who used to date Leighton Meester) at a club the other night because he thought Stan was dealing with Agron behind his back… It’s too soon, it’s too much, and, really, it’s actually not even that much.

They held a signing for fans, introduced a special screening of the film, and still found time to talk to CG!

Here's our exclusive chat with both stars as they dished on what it was like filming their most death defying scenes, their on screen chemistry and more!

Alex Pettyfer isn’t even really famous and already…Story after story – wanky behavior, temper tantrums, love complications, and now… Then Dianna Agron, his girlfriend, fired her management and signed with his. Not long afterwards, a report was leaked via TMZ that Agron was insecure and jealous and ended it with Pettyfer over this photoshoot, which happened months ago, that had him making out with models – click here to see.

So we know that he walks with a big dick, thinks he’s the next Brad Pitt. Demanding and arrogant, Pettyfer was supposedly difficult on the set of , thinks he deserves Taylor Lautner-style paycheques before even contributing to a box office winner.

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CG: You had a lot of stunts in the film - what was your favorite? DA: I would love to teleport because I love traveling. I've been lucky to travel through quite a bit of Europe and Australia, but I would love to do Asia and South America and South Africa.