Alexa anderson and matthew dating

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With cuts made following each round of choreography, thirty-five dancers remained at the close of the week, prior to the selection of the Top 20.* Only participated on the judge's panel on the round they choreographed.“It was basically the divisiveness of the election season,” he said.

“With the amount of hate that Trump supporters get, they want a community to go to, especially folks that are in more liberal areas,” he said.“We have had an even bigger response now, in the last few days,” he said.“We have had 5- to 6,000 in the last 2½ days.” “In the last three days we have had more people come to the site than we have since we started,” Goss added.Unlike previous seasons, each week's Bottom 6 / Bottom 4 dancers are determined by the previous week's voting.The judge's panel still chooses which of these bottom dancers will be eliminated each week until the Top Ten.

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