Andrew cuomo dating

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Andrew cuomo dating

The report authors beg to differ, writing that “we found no instances” that there were shorter gaps between trains by sacrificing on-time performance.But critics say that misses the point: Keeping trains on schedule would cut down on passenger delays by increasing the number of trains on the tracks.“They love to blame it on ridership,” one source said, “but now it’s getting harder and harder because the bottom-line number is down.” Critics also argue that fixing the subway’s signal system should come before station makeovers, which is one of Gov. “There’s a shift in the organization,” an NYC Transit source told The News.“They feel like if there’s better station settings, then riders will feel better.” Cuomo spokesman Jon Weinstein rejected that, arguing there’s no trade-off between signal work and station upgrades.MTA lingo guide for NYC straphangers The internal report’s authors, an MTA senior director of performance analysis and two associate analysts, began by studying the mounting train delays and “the seeming impossibility of improving the numbers,” the report said.What they found was what another source called the “caveman style” of train management, as in, “Me see gap, me hold train.” Asked about the internal report, interim MTA Director Ronnie Hakim was having none of it.

Read on for more details about the up-and-coming members of this well-known family. Forging His Own Path: Like his sister Kick, Bobby has also found himself at home in the entertainment industry.

And staying on track would be easier if the tracks and the rest of the system were not so old.

Delays from track crews and planned maintenance on weekdays shot up 69% — to 12,034 incidents in March — from 2012.

Soon after taking over NYC Transit in 2015, Hakim spotted a Department of Subways poster that read: Safety, Service, Speed, and Smiles. After years of surging ridership, passengers with other options are leaving the subway.

There were nearly 6 million fewer riders in 2016 than in 2015, marking the first annual drop in trips since 2009.

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“Just to be very clear, I’m not going to give credibility to a report that is not a formal NYC Transit position statement,” Hakim said.

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