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51% of all black people in the Americas live in Brazil while only 16% of black people live in the United States.If you love black women, then you will love Brazil.You actually almost triple your income by visiting Brazil due to a favorable exchange rate. Rent a hotel room in a safe neighborhood for only . After a few days of spending less money, you will also notice how much more relaxed you feel knowing you aren’t burning up your credit card or savings account.This gives you an advantage against locals because you earn your money in a stronger currency. Living in America is so stressful at times when you calculate how much money you spend each money. You deserve to experience a low cost of living to see if you prefer the USA rat race or a cheaper, less stressful lifestyle.I watched quite a few Brazilian men visit prostitutes while staying married with their wife. A man doesn’t have to apologize for having a male sex drive.

The biggest problem in America is the disconnect between men who want families and women who want thugs aka human dildos. If you want a traditional family structure, you need to go abroad for that. It’s the legal system that rewards stupid, short sighted behavior.

The worst thing a local Brazilian may do is pull a knife on you. African-Americans aren’t really Americans in a traditional sense.

Your stress levels decrease because you don’t have to worry about thugs stealing your Jordan’s or random mass killings like Sandy Hook or George Sordini. I realized how scary the USA has become and it only got worse once I returned to ATL airport. Many of us had ancestors who were captured and brought to the Americas in slave ships.

Chances are you will start going after Caucasian and Asian women if things don’t work out with the black girls. You have black women that look like: Plus, you don’t need to be a millionaire or over 6 feet tall to hook up with them.

I found myself staring at a different woman every 10 seconds on my first trip to Rio De Janeiro.

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This is also followed by mistreatment via the black woman and her master, the elite rich white man (think Scandal the TV series).

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