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As illustrated above, regular expressions are used in Moin Moin user preferences to subscribe to more than one wiki webpage at a time.For example, the term period-asterisk (.*) means zero or more repetitions (*) of any character (.) in the wiki page name.To subscribe to individual wiki webpages or collections of webpages, follow the examples shown in the table below.After you add to the subscribed pages list, save your preferences to make them permanent.In order to use the cross section generator, a description of the process must be provided.Such a description is stored in files with extension ".xs".

Subscribing: The easiest way to subscribe to a Moin Moin wiki webpage is to click on the 'Subscribe' link near the top of the page.After you do this, you will no longer receive emails when the page is modified. You may repeat the above process in order to subscribe to any number of wiki webpages on one or more Moin Moin wiki websites.However, if you want to subscribe to many wiki webpages or collections of wiki webpages, it may be easier to do this by changing your user preferences as described below.The interwiki name is the term before the colon character.You should always include the interwiki name when creating interwiki links, since you may accidentally subscribe to all pages which match your regex expression across a whole wiki farm.

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They contain a step-by-step receipe how the layer stack is formed. Choosing "Tools/XSection Scripts/XSection Script" opens a file browser and you are prompted for the file.

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