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Datingsmarts com

When naming the parts of their bodies you can also include their penis or vulva and also talk about what they can do – ‘yes, that is your penis and your wee (urine) comes out of there! The end goal is for your child to be comfortable with their whole body and to see all parts as being equal (with no shame). They are like empty sponges, ready to soak up information about anything and everything.

If they haven’t had an explanation that makes sense to them, they will use their imagination to make up their own reason.

if you say that a baby is made when a man and woman sleep together, they may think that means when they lie down next to each other.

Check that they have understood what you have said and to see if they have any more questions.

Also, at this age, they don’t notice if you slip an educational book into the pile of books that you read before bed each night!

This is the stage where your kids believe and absorb everything you say – so don’t waste this opportunity to set yourself up as their main source for information.

You’ll need to start getting creative and find some new ways to start talking with them (give them a book, talk whilst driving them somewhere, talk about something you both see while watching TV.Technically, it isn’t really sex education at this age.It is really just about letting your child explore their whole body and to start pointing out simple differences between boys and girls.So answer their questions honestly and provide them with more detailed information.If you don’t know the answer to their question, look for the answer together.

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