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He feels as though he's forgotten himself during our 4 year relationship that he needed time to focus on himself (getting a better job, losing wieght, spending time with the guys, etc) and I truely do see a change in him.

We both agreed we see each other in our futures, but right now the time is needed to grow a little.

If they're stringing you along on purpose, they might not be good for you anyway.

Do you feel like you are degrading yourself by responding? Being civil is possible while respecting yourself, how you feel, and what you need.Give them that little taste but let em know you have stuff to do other then sitting around moping about them, life moves on. Makes me think: I felt like I was never in the position to play the NC game, nor was I interested in playing it. it's been about 3 weeks now since i started the NC, and 1 week into the NC, my ex texted me how i was doing.Perhaps it was my wounded ego, or perhaps it was because I saw things differently. I ended up texting back, but i texted the next day that i was doing good and how he was too.It doesn't hurt if I respond to him short hellos at all, but I don't want to make it a reset if I respond back in anyway if it does...I honestly believe he contacts me cause he tells me himself, he still loves and cares for me and just can't see me completely out of his life.

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Find that medium that gives the idea that you're moving on, you can live without this person but don't blow them completely off.

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