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Posted by / 10-Feb-2018 19:30

I can well imagine today’s young people becoming so attached to the easy sexual encounters of the internet that they never bother to learn the rules of acceptable flirtatious behaviour.

They’d divested themselves of their choristers’ robes in super speedy time.

How will that smile/saucy joke/skirt cut above the knee be interpreted?

Is she ‘asking for it’ if she agrees to join a colleague for a drink after work? The proliferation of online porn warping young people’s perceptions of relationships beyond recognition.

’At the same time, girls are worrying how their own behaviour will come across.

This troubling, daily stream of revelations about inappropriate sexual behaviour from those in positions of power has left them paranoid and defensive.

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It was with sadness that I heard a young woman, in a critique of the online dating scene, comment that she’s got to the point where she regards every male who approaches her in real life as a potential weirdo.

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