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Well, when somebody does whatever it takes to get the perfect photo, sometimes things can …Since announcing her pregnancy in early September, Duchess Kate arrived with Prince William at a reception honoring World Mental Health Day, stunning everyone in the room with her appearance, showing us a glimpse at the start of her brand new baby bump!Kate arrived wearing a stunning blue dress from …Planes have always been awe-inducing.According to CNN, the case sparked accusations of foul play on social media.According to Police in Rosemont, Kenneka …Charles O’Rear, who shot the world’s most viewed photo for Microsoft in 1996, has taken three new photos for Lufthansa to serve as smartphone screensavers.Though it’s not for everyone, it’s definitely becoming more common for people to have some form of body modification.However, as time goes by, people are …We are constantly learning more about ourselves and the people who came before us through discoveries from the past.Mc Donald’s is a popular chain that will definitely satisfy you without breaking the bank.

But then again, if everyone was riding in first class I am pretty sure there would be a lot more happy fliers.

Still, we do know quite a bit about …thevintagenews Movies like Indiana Jones or Alice in Wonderland always have made us dream of going on an adventure and find a secret world that’s totally different from anything that we’ve seen. As a kid watching fantasy movies you would find yourself pretending to …When you’re in a rush and you need to grab a bite to eat, you may find yourself resorting to fast food.

Although it’s not the healthiest option, it can be pretty tasty.

Well, this is exactly what photographer Holly Falconer and stylist Kylie Griffiths …There are a lot of perks that come with being a celebrity, but living under the microscope isn’t always easy.

For most of us a slip up goes unnoticed, however, public figures are constantly scrutinized for their actions and are often quick to be judged.

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They then used that land to build an IKEA-style flat pack which took four days to build.