Lil mama dating who

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Lil mama dating who

She finds them very humorous and filled with adventure.The Bones are always up to some type of shenanigans with danger looming nearby (and monsters! This series is not MY favorite but children will definitely enjoy it. The characters and plot are exactly what you'd expect to see in a middle school setting.Sunny Side Up - This one has undertones of some more serious content but I thought it was handled very well.Sunny is sent to spend the summer with her grandfather in Florida at his retirement home.Peppi and Jamie are in rival clubs (Science vs Art) each vying for a table at the school club fair.The story follows the evolution of their friendship through their competition.

It's definitely one of her preferred genre to read so I am always on the lookout for new finds for her to enjoy. The Oldest Diva came upon this one herself and wanted to read it so I caved.The book centers around his journey to find his way home.Along the way he finds he has some amazing powers which come in handy as he faces off with Ghostopolis' evil ruler.This one is a gem and one of my personal favorites. The story has action, lots of heart and is definitely imaginative.Cardboard - The story has a sad beginning - Cam has lost his mom, his Dad doesn't have a job and there is no money for birthday presents. Ghostopolis - Written by the same author as Cardboard (see above).

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