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The Department of Homeland Security oversees exchange programs involving another type of visa but did not respond to questions about the programs.Still, over the past decades, there have been persistent reports of students being physically or sexually abused by their host parents, hosted in filthy homes or malnourished.Last year, nearly 24,000 high school students came to the United States to study, according to data provided by the U. State Department, which monitors some exchange programs and provides visas.

So far, authorities in Miami-Dade have not gotten a response from a subpoena sent for records from CCI, but the company issued a statement to the Herald.

San Jose’s relative, now 16, told police the two began to have sex in front of her and asked her to let Leary perform sex acts on her, saying it would help her deal with being a sex-abuse victim.

They convinced her to join them in sex acts more than seven times.

It all happened while his longtime first wife, a Miami-Dade schools administrator, remained living in the home.

One of many questions following his arrest and shocking death: If, and how many, other vulnerable young exchange students — kids not yet old enough for college — might have fallen prey to an American family who was supposed to offer them shelter and guidance.

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