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they dont taste bad but it seems like they shouldnt be able to constantly keep an expired stock of beer If it's just expired (like in the last month or two), drink it anyway.

Went there a month later, same rotten beer still in cooler.

They are merely freshness dates that help with stock rotation.

That's why they often say something like "best if used by:" There is only one packaged product on a supermarket shelves that has an actual expiration date on it, by federal law, and that is infant formula.

And they were the first I remember who had a message on the label asking customers to let them know if the beer on a store's shelves was past the "freshness range" of... Now everything has open dating on it, but a majority of consumers misunderstand what the dating means, according to several published studies.

It is NOT about food safety, and counter-intuitively, buying and eating food within the "sell by" date, or "best by" date, or "use by" date is no guarantee of safety.

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I've read that home brewed beers are only good for 6 months because they are unfiltered and unpasteurized. The regulatory movement towards requiring ingredients lists and nutritional information of the 70s lead to open dating coming into common use in the mid 80s, IIRC.

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