Updating windows without windows genuine advantage

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I understand devices like the Surface Pro have removed all needs for having a smaller tablet, but I find there are several different use cases for smaller eight-inch devices instead of a 10- or 12-inch one.

Windows 8 Product Key: Windows 8 is a personal computer operating system from Microsoft which runs with the help of windows .

Also, the Start Screen doesn't really scale well at eight inches.

When in portrait mode, the Start Screen has this odd, useless space on either side of the columns where the Live tiles sit.

If I search for "8-inch Windows 10 tablet" on Amazon, I see a list of eight-inch Windows 10 tablets from lesser-known manufacturers, who are building cheap, low-powered tablets. I don't see HP, and I don't see any of the "big name" manufacturers.Microsoft needs to optimize tablet mode for eight-inch devices a bit more.So perhaps one of the reasons nobody is buying eight-inch Windows 10 tablets is because the software experience isn't up to snuff?Small things such as pleasant animations and unique tablet experiences aren't present in Windows 10.On Windows 8.1, you could flick through your open apps by swiping from the left, an incredibly quick and useful way of multitasking. Instead, swiping from the right just opens Task View.

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This device was just a couple weeks from being announced before the internal decision was made to pull the product.