Why dating of fossils is inaccurate who is dale jr dating

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Why dating of fossils is inaccurate

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We thank you in advance for partnering with us in this small but significant way. All methods of radioactive dating rely on three assumptions that may not necessarily be true: It is assumed that the rate of decay has remained constant over time.

However, conditions may have been different in the past and could have influenced the rate of decay or formation of radioactive elements.

A further example from a lava flow off the coast of Hawaii shows similar discrepancies.

If dated with the carbon-14 method, the flow appears to be less than 17,000 years old, but dating with the potassium argon method gives dates of 160,000 to 43 million years.

Evolutionists assume that the rate of cosmic bombardment of the atmosphere has always remained constant and that the rate of decay has remained constant.

Scientists place great faith in this dating method, and yet more than 50% of radiocarbon dates from geological and archaeological samples of northeastern North America have been deemed unacceptable after investigation.

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